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    No matter what treatment you need, our highly qualified dentists can always help you by offering a premium quality service.

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About us


Our highly qualified specialists work with premium quality materials, equipment and we utilize all the cutting-edge technology in our clinic so that you can leave with a beautiful smile.


Thanks to a wide patient base including many regular patients, we have been able to keep our prices in check- meaning that we can offer our high quality services at an affordable price!


Operating for more than 25 years now, employing only the most qualified dentists, the VitalCenter brand nowadays means premium quality and reliability.


Our clinic is located on Margaret Island in an amazing, natural environment. We are operating with 5 dental chairs, a panoramic dental X-ray machine, surgeries equipped with the most modern technology- where we can also carry out treatments with anaesthetic.

“There is no dental treatment that VitalCenter cannot complete meeting the highest professional standards. The stability that VitalCenter offers means reassurance for our patients and prestige to our colleagues.”

Dr. Endre Lantos

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Get to know our doctors!

At VitalCenter we have a specialist from each field of dentistry who thanks to their experience and regular training, are among the best. Whether it is children's dental care, aesthetic dentistry or the most complex cases including surgery, we always treat the patients to the highest standards of care.

Dr. Endre Lantos

Founder and Head-dentist of VitalCenter

Dr. Lantos is the founder and leading dentist of VitalCenter Dental Network. He obtained his degree in 1982 at the Szeged University and has more than 30 years of practice as a dentist. He is specialized to “dental and oral diseases” with US experience in implantology.

Dr. György Péter

Dento-alveolar surgeon

Implantology is a relatively new and dynamically developing field of dentistry, so I always strive to keep up with all the recent news, innovations related to my job. I strongly believe that this is necessary to keep our role as a premium category dentistry, therefore I regularly take part in trainings and visit professional conferences and courses about implantology.

Dr. Eszter Gömbös

Specialist in oral and dental diseases

What I enjoy the most about my specialty, the aesthetic dentistry is the creative part. You could say that it is a bit like a puzzle where we start with a problematic situation, and with precise planning and re-organizing of the pieces we achieve a perfect result at the end. To do this though, one needs a special vision and a sense of beauty as well, and I have both in my opinion. These are the factors that make aesthetic dentistry a challenging specialty.

Dr. Sarolta Porpáczy

Specialist in oral and dental diseases

My specialty is the prosthetic dentistry and the aesthetic tooth replacements. The most challenging part of aesthetic dentistry is that the crowns/bridges have to look just like the original teeth around them. Because of this, when creating these dentures in the laboratory we always have to find a balance between its aesthetics and functionality. I strongly believe that dental problems can not be treated just as a separate issue; we should take into consideration the requests and financial situation of the patient, understanding their worries, and create a personalized treatment plan based on all these factors.

Dr. Krisztina Szabó

Orthodontics, children's dental care

Recently there has been a lot of innovation in orthodontic treatments for adults and children as well. Nowadays there is a huge variety of orthodontic appliances, including the latest generation with cutting-edge technology. These appliances are way more comfortable to wear and almost impossible to notice for our friends or family.

Dr. Boglárka Boross

Specialist in preservative dentistry and tooth replacements

For me, the beauty of job is that with the aesthetic corrections we can achieve a significant quality of life change with the patient. Each and every case and patient is different, so I always strive to create a personalized treatment plan in co-operation with the patient for the dental issue at hand. It feels great when we can achieve a friendly, positive relationship with the patient, and they leave us with a new, beautiful smile at the end.

Ibolya Papp

Dental hygienist and dental assistant

My job is my hobby and my passion at the same time. I believe that with the right attitude, some empathy and proper communication we can help the people realize the importance of dental hygiene and regular scaling for prevention. During my treatments I try to create a stress-free, calm environment, so that the dental hygiene treatments become a relaxing, refreshing dental wellness experience, that the patients can think of as something positive.

Éva Papp

Dental hygienists

Our treatment options include the most up-to-date method for tooth replacement, the All-on-4 technique, which provides immediate solution even for complete toothlessness.

Quality above all!

We put a huge emphasis on the quality of our work and the safety of our patients. In order to offer quality control together with the leading dentistries of Hungary, we have founded the Association for the Quality of Dental Treatments.

VitalCenter promises much and delivers even more!

VitalCenter promises much and delivers even more!

We all know how important reliability is. We have to do a lot every day to earn and keep our patient's trust and we do just that. We strive to keep improving our techniques; utilising the latest cutting-edge technology so that we can do our job at the highest standard and provide our patients the best possible treatment in a safe environment. For all of these reasons we are so certain that we are able to offer exquisite standards of treatment, that we also provide reassuring guarantees on all the dental treatments carried out in our clinic.

In our clinic we also care for the natural environment- and this is not just empty words, but our commitment for the health of our patients and preserving our nature. During our treatments we always strive to utilize eco-friendly methods and bio-compatible materials.

Our history of more than 25 years treating all of our loyal patients, prove that you can under any circumstance, count on VitalCenter.

Dr. Endre Lantos
Founder and Head-dentist of VitalCenter

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