At the exclusive clinic Vitalcenter, we offer Swiss quality treatments for you so you can easily recover healthy teeth! At VitalCenter, cares are quick, customized and safe, you can forget about your dental problems once and for all!

Since 20 years Vitalcenter is the leading network dental offices in Hungary. Besides the faithful Hungarian patients, our office in Budapest hosts regular patients from Russia, UK, Switzerland, Germany, France and Netherlands. You are welcome in Budapest, the city of thermal baths and spa, where marrying dental cares and vacation is possible!

Every year, care requests from foreign patients to our clinic is regularly growing.

What is the reason for this dramatic increase?

1. Professional Care, painless

Our offices and dentists are prepared to deal with the most complex clinical cases that require exceptional expertise and real experience. All specialties of modern dentistry are represented by doctors among the best in their fields of expertise. At our clinic dentists are trained continuously and regularly updated about the most modern care techniques.

Our offices have been built in a pleasant and friendly environment on the Margit Island in Budapest. It helps to reduce the fears and anxieties of patients, related to medical care and to reduce stress before the treatments. At our clinic, all treatments are performed under local anesthesia, sedation or if necessary, under general anesthesia. At Vitalcenter, you will feel safe and relaxed.

A full warranty is offered on all treatments performed at our clinic. For more information, see the Guarantees menu.

2. Swiss quality at incredibly beneficial and affordable prices

As for equipment and materials, our dentists use the best Swiss and German brands, which are known to be highly reliable. They offer the most modern devices, internationally recognized and the safest solutions at much lower prices than the cost of dental care in Western Europe!

3. Exclusive service, comprehensive

After registering, our staff will help you organize everything step by step.

  • So that everything goes well and that you have good memories of your stay in Hungary, our English speaking employees assigned to your case will help you throughout your care and, from the first contact to the organization of journey, reservation of accommodation and airport transfer.
  • We take care of each patient respecting his wishes and personal treatment plan developed by the panoramic radio.

4. Flash Heal, meticulously prepared – Saves time

In Vitalcenter there is no waiting time. Our strategy is designed around the principle of saving time. At our clinic patients do not know the long-term care for months, for years. A patient is about 2 times one week in Budapest. This is the average time that our dentists need to renew your smile!

5. A true wellness experience in a magical environment

The central office of our network is on Margaret Island in a medical and wellness complex at the Hotel Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget.

On the site of Vitalcenter and beautiful surroundings you will find more information on the menu shutters of your dental treatment.

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