Dento-alveolar and maxillofacial surgeon

My professional career path is actually a bit unusual: First, I got my general medical degree at Budapest’s Semmelweis University. Then, a few years later, I decided to start my studies at the Faculty of Dentistry within Szeged University, even though by that time I had already passed my specialist exam as a dentist and oral surgeon and had received my PhD.

Having a degree in both of these fields, I believe, has helped me cultivate a more complex understanding of dental health.

Having worked at the Semmelweis University Clinic for more than 10 years as an oral surgeon, I amassed a great deal of experience in maxillo-facial surgery and implantation as well. Not long after that, I also worked as the director of a popular international dental clinic. During these years I performed hundreds of implantation surgeries and up to this time I have successfully placed 15,000 implants and performed hundreds of bone grafts.

In my work I’m always striving for the best result. We are working with a living organism – the human body – which means that dentistry is not an “exact science,” but

I believe that if I don’t do my best professionally to achieve a successful treatment, then I can not expect the patient to co-operate fully. Luck also plays a part, too.

Training myself continuously, and learning about the latest technologies or methods is something that I love about my job and it has been an incentive for me since my early days at university. I regularly publish scientific articles in international journals and am a regular presenter at industry events as well – both in Hungary and abroad, often as a lecturer.

Nowadays I commute between Hungary and England on a weekly basis, something which has really limited my free time, which I tend to spend with my family of three kids and a lovely dog.

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