Specialist in oral and dental diseases

Specialties; prosthetic treatments, aesthetic dentistry

I began my career back in 1990 at the VitalCenter as part of my professional practice programme. In the first few years dr. Lantos was my mentor, who always inspired me to treat the patients according to my best knowledge and keep improving in every possible aspect of my job.

My specialty is the prosthetic dentistry and the aesthetic tooth replacements. The most challenging part of aesthetic dentistry is that the crowns/bridges have to look just like the original teeth around them. Because of this, when creating these dentures in the laboratory we always have to find a balance between its aesthetics and functionality. I strongly believe that dental problems cannot be treated just as a separate issue; we should take into consideration the requests and financial situation of the patient, understanding their worries, and create a personalized treatment plan based on all these factors. After that our job as a dentist is to explain this treatment plan to the patient in details, so that they have all the necessary information to make a decision about it. Of course at VitalCenter we always recommend our patients a long-term solution to their dental problems and stick to the original, agreed treatment plan to avoid any unexpected extra costs.



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