Orthodontics, children's dental care

Specialties – orthodontics, children’s dental care

I graduated at the Semmelweis University’s Faculty of Dentistry in 2002. After that I obtained my professional degree on orthodontics. I began my career at the university’s clinic and joined VitalCenter a few years later. My goal is to provide dental treatment of the highest possible quality. In order to keep my professional knowledge up to date about the latest treatment methods and technology, I regularly take part in trainings, and visit dental conferences on various subjects.

Recently there has been a lot of innovation in orthodontic treatments for adults and children as well. Nowadays there is a huge variety of orthodontic appliances, including the latest generation with cutting-edge technology. These appliances are way more comfortable to wear and almost impossible to notice for our friends or family. Another important advantage of these is that we can get the same result sooner, moving the problematic teeth back to their natural position.

My other specialty is children’s dental care. This is really important, because we have to lay the foundations of healthy adult teeth for our children during the first few years.


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