For nearly 20 years, our dental clinic Vitalcenter hosts many patients from Germany, UK or Switzerland in its offices.

This experience made us gradually acquire a reputation for excellence with increasing demand from customers on the quality of medical care.

The trust of our customers is the result of constant and rigorous work guided by a requirement without compromising the quality of services that we offer.

We have always developed our business by keeping in mind the interests of patient safety that we charge.

The result of this work was – among other things – the creation of the “Association of Hungarian Dental Care Quality” created on the initiative of several cabinet among which Vitalcenter.
This association requires to meet 12 strictly defined quality points such as:

  • Present a minimum of 10 expert practitioners in order to respond to any kind of problem that would not have been considered.
  • Member clinics must place at least 1,000 implants per year (that is, ensuring the control and conservation of know-how).
  • All equipment used must be fully and easily traceable (brand and origin).
  • Members agree that practitioners participate annually in training to always be fully informed of the latest technical view trained with the latest practical developments.
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