Helbo Laser treatment

Microscopic bacterias and viruses around tooth in a virtual mouth. Hygiene medical concept. Vector illustration in light blue colorsThere are over 500 different types of bacteria and a number of fungi in the mouth. They are an important part of the digestive system as they process protein and break down food debris – ideally the bacteria and fungi exist in balance and control themselves.

However, the system is sensitive. Acute or chronic infections can occur depending on the general state of a person‘s health, the condition of the teeth and the dental treatment carried out. These conditions destroy the natural balance – pathogenic bacteria gain the upper hand. Chronic infl ammations of the mouth in particular often affect the whole body. We therefore know today that they can trigger heart disease, strokes or even premature births.

HELBO treatment: gentle and effective

The HELBO treatment with dye and laser light offers painless and rapid application. It is a purely local treatment to destroy the bacteria and fungi which cause inflammation and, most importantly, has no negative side effects.

Three steps to restoring the balance:

  • After prior rinsing, the infected sites are covered with a blue dye solution.
  • The dye solution is activated by subsequent exposure to a mild laser.
  • Due to the combination of lightactivated dye solution and laser light, highly reactive oxygen is produced – this leads to the destruction of bacteria and fungi.

The bacteria causing you to be ill therefore die off! As a result, your body once again creates a natural and healthy balance. What is more, studies show that the laser light also reduces pain and promotes wound healing.

Advantages to win you over!

  • Painless: A low-energy laser is used during HELBO treatment. No heat is generated and the laser light has a pain-reducing effect.
  • Successful: Depending on the indication, the infl ammation subsides with one or a few treatments.
  • Healthy: HELBO treatment accelerates wound healing.
  • Quick: The treatment of a tooth or individual area only takes a few minutes.
  • Effective: In comparison to rinsing solutions, HELBO treatment even reaches diffi cult-to-treat areas.
  • Tested: The effect is documented by more than 50 scientific publications.

HELBO works like this

Step 1: Professional cleaning of the teeth/implant

Step 2: Application of the dye solution into the gaps

Step 3: Rinsing out of the excess dye solution

Step 4: Exposure to gentle laser light leads to destruction of the bacteria


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