Specialist in oral and dental diseases

Specialty: aesthetic dentistry

I finished my studies in 1992 at the Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry and obtained my professional degree on oral and dental diseases. My dental specialty is aesthetic treatments, including metal-free crowns, bridges and ceramic veneers. I joined VitalCenter in 1996, which means that I have been a colleague of Dr. Lantos for more than 20 years now. Since 2007 I have been working in our partner clinic every other week.in England too I speak fluent English and German as well.

What I enjoy the most about my speciality- the aesthetic dentistry, is the creative part. You could say that it is a bit like a puzzle where we start with a problematic situation and with precise planning and re-organizing of the pieces, we achieve a perfect result at the end. To do this though, one needs a special vision and to portray a sense of beauty in their work.  I feel I have these qualities. These are the factors that make aesthetic dentistry a challenging speciality. It is not enough to just know the different treatments, materials and methods, because we have to create a separate, personalized treatment plan and denture at the end for each patient based on his request, providing them with a new, beautiful smile. This challenge and the positive feedback that I receive from my patients motivates me the most during my work. It means a lot to us when someone, who has been hiding their smile for years, leaves us with a lot more self-confidence and a smile that he or she no longer has to be ashamed of. I put a huge emphasis on creating a trustful patient-doctor relationship too, so that we can have a successful treatment.

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