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If you want naturally beautiful and healthy looking teeth KEROX ZIRKON CROWNS might be the perfect choice!

zahnersatz aus keramikIf a tooth is so excessively damaged that the problem cannot be solved with filling or inlay, your dentist will advise you to have a dental crown. The perfect smile of the stars is now available for everyone!

The most durable and most esthetical crown is the zirkon crown. The frame of the crown is made of zirconium dioxide which is a white, slightly transparent porcelain like material, but much stronger and less fragile than porcelain. The zirconium oxide frame is covered with porcelain in a dental laboratory. The final shade can be matched to your natural teeth or picked by you. The result is a beautiful crown that is confusingly similar to a natural, bright white tooth!

Why to choose zirkon crowns?

Because of its esthetics:

  • It is the type of crown that is most identical to the natural, white teeth.
  • The zirkon frame is tooth-coloured yet stronger than a metal frame.
  • The zirkon frame covered by porcelain is similar in esthetics to the dentin covered by the tooth enamel. Unlike the metal ceramic crowns its frame is white, therefore no black line will occur at the gum line.
  • Even its trancparency is similar to the natural teeth which enables totally natural look.

Because it is strong and durable:

  • Zirconium dioxide is a material stronger than metals.
  • As the zirkon frame is really strong, bridges of several pieces can be made of it.
  • Zirkon crowns are extraordinary stable, they can be used for many years, even decades.

It is biocompatible and therefore non-allergenic:

  • The zirconium dioxide is totally metal free and therefore doesn’t cause allergic reaction.
  • It protects your gum as it is soft tissue-friendly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It conducts the cold and hot less than a metal ceramic crown.

Because it is manufactured with the latest CAD/CAM technology:

  • The crowns are computer designed in 3D and the zirkon frames are manufactured 100% automatized by a computer controlled milling machine.
  • Then the frame is covered with porcelain in a dental laboratory.
  • Due to the computer aided design and manufacturing, zirkon crowns fit to the teeth with 5 microns accuracy.
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