VitalCenter offer long term guarantee on all the treatments available in our clinic!

Guarantee cases are very uncommon in our clinic due to our highly skilled dentists and specialists and the exclusive use of internationally recognized, premium quality products and materials. Our clinic provide several years guarantee on all the prosthetic works and all the treatments. We offer 5 year guarantee on implant fittings and 3 years guarantee on prosthetic works.

Guarantee periods:

  • Implants: 5 years
  • Metal ceramic crowns: 3 years
  • Full ceramic crowns: 3 years
  • Zirkon crowns: 3 years
  • Golden crowns: 3 years
  • Ceramic veneers: 3 years
  • Ceramic inlays / onlays: 3 years
  • Dentures: 1 year

Terms and conditions:

VitalCenter’s guarantee is valid if:

  • you keep all the instructions of your VitalCenter dentist
  • you take special care of your oral hygiene: you wash your teeth regulary and take regular care of your gums to avoid inflammation
  • you attend a compulsory dental check-up examination on a yearly basis either at VitalCenter or with another dental professional. In case you have your regular check-up in a different clinic a written certificate is required.

All guarantee treatments are free of charge in VitalCenter!

However the travel and any additional costs in connection with the guarantee treatments are to be borne by the patient.

The guarantee cannot be validated if:

  • the patient does not keep the instructions of the dentist
  • the patient is negligent regarding their oral hygiene
  • the patient does not keep the application, maintenance or cleaning instructions of their partial / total removable denture
  • the patient does not attend a yearly dental check-up examination or in case the check-up is completed in another clinic, is not able to provide a written certificate of it
  • after the completion of the treatments in VitalCenter the patient receives dental treatments in another clinic, and the guarantee issues are caused by the treatments in the other clinic
  • the patient develops a medical condition which affects the completed dental treatments and the status of their teeth in a negative way (e.g.: diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, or receives chemotherapy)
  • in case of an accident, such as dropping the denture

There is no guarantee for temporary dentures.

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