Tooth whitening

The most substantial element of beauty is healthy white teeth. It can make you more attractive and strengthen your self confidence.


If you feel your teeth have lost their fresh shade the solution for you is a professional in-chair TOOTH WHITENING! If you want an instant and smashing result at a reasonable budget, visit us and we restore your smile in an hour!

How is tooth whitening done?

Tooth whitening is always preceded by a scale and polish. It is also recommended to have a general dental check-up as the procedure will change only the shade of the natural teeth so the fillings and crowns are best to be done after the tooth whitening.

The shade of the teeth are determined by tiny pigment particles not visible for the naked eye. These particles are located in the tooth enamel and the dentin. During the procedure the whitening agent enters into the inner layers of the teeth and bleaches these particles.

The treatment starts with the application of a special gum protecting gel. Then the teeth are covered with a professional whitening gel and exposed to a so called cold blue light. This light activates and intensifies the effect of the active oxygen released from the gel. The cold blue light has no damaging effect of whatsoever, the light is not hot and not irritating.

How long does a tooth whitening treatment take?

The duration is up to an hour.

Is the tooth whitening treatment harmful to my teeth in any way?

Absolutely not. Many years of experience and scientific studies demonstrate that a tooth whitening treatment carried out with quality materials and by a professional doesn’t make any irreversible change in the structure of the teeth. Neither the tooth enamel nor the dentin are damaged even if the procedure is repeated many times.

On the contrary, there are essential minerals in the to date materials, that will enter into the tooth much deeper during a tooth whitening than during a traditional application. Though it is proven that the tooth whitening is a harmless process, it’s not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and those under 16.

Is it painful?

For most patients it’s not painful. To ensure total painlessness and prevent irritation gum protecting gel is applied prior to the whitening. In a few cases patients experience enhanced sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures but it supposed to cease after a couple of hours. You can avoid these symptoms by not eating and drinking too hot and cold for a few hours.

How much will my teeth be lighter in shade?

blanchement-des-dentsAfter our professional whitening treatment your teeth will be considerably whiter but the exact tone depends on the original shade of your teeth. In general, the extent of the whitening is 5-14 shades on the usual tooth colour scales.


How long will the result last?

Approximately 2-3 years, but strongly depend on the personal habits. In case of habits with intense discolouring effect such as smoking or drinking coffee or tea, this period might be shorter. After the treatment a 2 days „white diet” is necessary when you have to prefer colourless meals or meals with light colour and avoid meals with any colouring effect. Your teeth will react much quicker to whitening if it had been whitened before so in case of re-whitening shorter time is enough.

Is it possible to treat only some of my teeth, not all of them?

Yes, in our clinic we can do the whitening of single teeth also.

What is the reason of discolouring of the teeth?

The original shade of the teeth are genetically determined. Darkening in shade over the time is natural. Some impacts such as drinking coffe, tea, red wine, coke, smoking cigarettes, certain medicines (eg. tetracyclin in childhood) and spices can speed the process up. Teeth with root canal treatment can also be darker than the other teeth.

Which one is better: home made or in chair whitening?

Whitening can be done both way. The advantages of in chair whitening are the short time (1 hour is enough), the professional personnel and equipment (eg. for the gum protection). In case of home whitening 5-7 occassion is necessary, 1 hour each. An advantage is that it can be done at night. In summary, the majority of our patients choose in chair whitening.
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