Dental hygienist and dental assistant

Specialty – dental hygiene and tooth wellness treatments

I have a professional degree as a dental assistant and clinical dental hygienist. I joined VitalCenter in 1999, and in the first few years I worked as a dental assistant to Dr. Endre Lantos, but later I focused only on my dental hygienist task in VitalCenter.

My job is my hobby and my passion at the same time. I believe that with the right attitude, some empathy and proper communication we can help the people realize the importance of dental hygiene and regular scaling for prevention. It is a common misbelief that dental plaque is just an aesthetic issue – actually the bacteria within it can lead to serious periodontal diseases or even a loss of teeth. Brushing our teeth in itself is not effective enough against the plaque, so I am always glad to see my patients regularly return to VitalCenter for a professional scaling.

During my treatments I try to create a stress-free, calm environment, so that the dental hygiene treatments become a relaxing, refreshing dental wellness experience that the patients can think of as something positive.

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